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Daily Goodie Box May 2018

Hello, Cuppies! You're as welcome as the flowers in May, so lets see what's in bloom in May's Daily Goodie Box! Inside it's flush with goodies, some of which are brands I know and others that are new, but I am excited to try them all just the same. As you may know, Daily Goodie Box likes to showcase small businesses and provide healthy products made from natural ingredients.


Good Natured - Baked Ranch Vegetable Crisps
Chip lovers rejoice! Good Natured Baked Ranch Vegetable Crisps are the healthier chip alternative that delivers satisfying flavors such as spinach, carrots, and a little kick from red bell peppers. At just 110 calories a bag, they're very lean and also great for everyone since they're gluten free. The chips look delicious with their wavy, thin texture and noticeable seasoning on top of each chip. These are great way to sneak in your veggies since they contain a half serving of real vegetables. I have always loved vegetables, but for those who don’t (like children) this is a great way to sneak some veggies into their diet.

The ingredients are simple, but it’s not 100% natural since it does contain fillers such as maltodextrin, which is a highly processed white powder that is most likely derived from corn. On the flip side, these crisps are naturally high in vitamin A and vitamin C that comes from real food, not a fortified ingredient, meaning you are getting hundreds of beneficial nutrients.

Enfusia - Bath Bomb
I absolutely love bath bombs! There is nothing like soaking up nutrients and taking some much needed self-care time to relax. Enfusia Bath Bombs both fizz and foam to bring you skin-softening, moisturizing ingredients and fill your tub with aromas that will take away the stresses of everyday life. Even if you are not necessarily a bath person, these bath bombs will have you considering otherwise!

The sample I received is Arabian Sandalwood that fills the air with exotic, rich, and woodsy aromas. I could immediately smell this once I peeled off the packaging and plopped it into the running bathtub/water. The bomb fizzled and disappeared in just a few short moments, leaving the water a very faint pink color. The scent wasn’t overwhelming, but still distinctly noticeable and had soft warm notes. The water had a milky texture that left my skin silky and supple. Overall, I found it to be an exceptionally soothing, vegan-friendly bath bomb made right here in the USA!

Herbal Zap - Digestive Support Herbal Supplement
Herbal Zap Digestive Support is a soothing herbal supplement that aids your digestive system, whether you're stressed, eating spicy foods, or just have general problems. It works to calm digestive distress with its four traditional herbal extracts which have been used for thousands of years, which are 100% safe and natural.

The first of the herbal extracts contained in it is AMLA, also known as Indian Gooseberry, which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants that balance stomach acids. Next is Coriander, a seed that contains dietary fibers that improve function in liver and a healthy passing of digestive waste. Third is Vaska, a root that's soothing to your digestion and promotes respiratory health. Lastly, the Parpataka in its whole form supports healthy immune and inflammation response.

Simply pour the packet into hot or cold water, stir and let these natural remedies take effect. The little pellets dissolve quickly, allowing time to relax and take in the light, sweet flavors of lemon and fruit. I felt good after my first cup and would need continual use to fully judge its effectiveness. So far, I can say that it's a calming tea treat if you need that little extra digestive zap!

Ultima Replenisher - Electrolyte Powder
Tastefully support your hydration with UltimaReplenisher, an electrolyte powder that delivers 6 powerful electrolytes that help facilitate brain-to-muscle communication. A perfect paring of electrolytes and support minerals make this replenishing drink great for pre- and post-workouts. Below are listed the 6 electrolytes and how they help.

Calcium helps with muscle contractions and nerve functions. 
Phosphorous aids in oxygen delivery to muscles.
Sodium also supports muscle contractions and nerve functions.
Magnesium to prevent cramps.
Potassium for cardiac muscle support.
Chloride for osmotic pressure support.

I tried this two hours prior to my workout, and used the whole sachet with 16 fluid ounces of cold water to keep my body properly hydrated during and after workout. The vibrant red Cherry Pomegranate flavor tastes sweet with just a little bit of tang. It helped me push through my grueling workout and made a noticeable difference in how I felt afterward. The little packets are handy for when you’re on the go, so keep some in your gym bag or purse, because you never know when you’ll need the boost! UltimaReplenisher is an overall healthy powder that boosts water retention to keep you going no matter what you throw at it.

Bug Protector - Mosquito Repellent
It’s spring now, soon to be summer, and that means my little family and I are getting out more to enjoy the beautiful blooming foliage and lovely weather. My boyfriend and I love to go to our local nature preserve to walk or exercise, however once we get deep into the woods, the pesky mosquitos ambush us and attack. Thankfully they love his blood more than mine, but that doesn’t stop them for coming out for me either! While he’s getting swarmed with 100 to my 20 mosquitos, I love that we can turn to the all-natural Mosquito Repellent Spray from BugProtector.

This is a great non-toxic spray that is safe for everyone to use, and safe for the environment too! It does not contain any DEET, a potentially hazardous ingredient found in most insect repellents. I love that the formula set nicely into the skin without leaving a greasy or oily residue, so it feels as though nothing is there. Inside it contains four essential oils that are natural bug repellents, including lemongrass, geranium, peppermint and cinnamon. There is no chemical smell, but the scent is very strong and I can really pick up on the notes of peppermint and cinnamon.

So far, we’ve used it at fire pit and haven’t come back with any bites, so it seems to be effective and I can’t way to fully put it to the test when we visit the park while summer is in full swing.

Evo Hemp - Cashew Cacao Hemp Protein Bar
Evo Hemp Cashew Cacao Protein bars look a lot like a brownie, but delivers a healthier alternative to other snacks and protein bars. These bars are Non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, and packed with 7 grams of protein. They're great for post workout recovery, or as an in-between meals snack. It’s a decent sized bar that leaves you feeling satisfied, but the taste 
will have you wanting more!

It's easy to identify several distinct flavors, such as the dates and blueberries, chunky textures from the good-sized pieces of apricot and cashews, and the crunch of hemp seeds. The sweetness of the fruits really helps to balance out the bitterness of the cocoa powder making it a delicious, fibery treat.

Real Chemistry - Deluxe Luminous 3 Minute Peel
Real Chemistry is a science skin care brand that has put the work in to deliver precise outcomes with organic and DNA-based ingredients. This is not my first experience with the Real Chemistry brand, but it is my first time trying out their 3 MinutePeel.

To use, apply a thin amount of gel quickly over face and neck while gently messaging in circular motion with slightly damp hands. This is where you can expect to feel little clumps forming, which is completely normal and means that the peel is activating correctly. What’s happening is that the gel is attaching to your dead skin and clumping together. Keep massaging for 2-3 minutes, or until all the gel has clustered into little blobs. Now it’s time to say goodbye, rinse and finish with a cleanse! I used this out of the shower, but to make it easier (as suggested on bottle) you can use while showering to save time and effort.

All I can say now is wow, my skin feels absolutely amazing! It completely took away all the dry rough patches and dead skin cells, leaving my face feeling baby soft. I followed up with a moisturizer, and although this is a peel and not a mask, I would still only use this once a week. It's also important to note that I experienced no irritation at all. I've got to give it to science, this 3 Minute Peel is a luxury that everyone’s skin deserves, and it's affordable for everyone’s budget, so definitely worth a try! My only wish is that the sample size was bigger because I love it so much!

DayClear - Pain Reliever
DayClear PainReliever provides quick results via its liquid formula that include active ingredients such as Caffeine (a pain reliever aid) and Choline Salicylate (a pain reliever and fever reducer). It’s effective at relieving a variety of ailments such as headaches, backaches, general muscle pain, minor arthritis pain and the ever-hated menstrual cramps. A single dose contains 1.93 fluid ounces and comes in compact bottle, so you can carry it wherever you go. DayClear also says goodbye to unnecessary ingredients like acetaminophen, gluten, sugar, and alcohol, as well as artificial dyes and flavors that are often found in other medicines.

I used this just the other night after a long day when I had a brutal headache arise just as I was about to go to sleep. The medicine started to alleviate my headache in a matter of only 10 minutes, and it seemed to have disappeared after 20 minutes, allowing me to fall asleep more easily. The amount of medicine seems like a lot, and I decided to throw it down the hatch like a shot, since the taste is not very pleasant. It tastes like pungent cough syrup, but might be easier to consume if mixed with juice. Unfortunately, it also leaves a strong aftertaste.

That said, I love the transparency of ingredients that make it a natural alternative medicine, and the convenient travel size. The liquid formula is also perfect for those who struggle with or dislike pills, but I could do without the strong flavor.

Liquid Ice - Energy Drinks
This is my second time trying out Liquid Ice energy drink, and I've received the Blue flavor again as well. As I stated last time, I used to consume a lot of energy drinks, but I quit within the last few years. I always pay close attention to the design of the can, and I think it appears a little outdated. Based on that, I probably would opt for another energy drink if I were at a convenience store. 

However, that would have been a mistake since it’s very flavorful, with a great boosted orange juice flavor and carbonation added. It's great that there is a high quantity of vitamins B6 and B12, but it contains a lot of extra sugar as well. The drink amped up my energy quickly and is perfect for those energy drinkers out there. For me personally, there is just too much information available pointing to the health risks surrounding these types of drinks for me to continue consuming products like this.

Click here to try Blue for FREE just pay a small shipping fee! 

As always you can find individual links to the products by clicking the headings! 

I owe a big thank you to Daily Goodie Box for giving me an opportunity to indulge in some great new products!

This post was sponsored by Daily Goodie Box. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

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