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Daily Goodie Box November 2017

Salutations Cuppies, 

I was beyond elated when I was notified that I would be receiving a Daily Goodie Box. This box was chock full of useful and tasty items that I couldn’t wait to try. I have had an enjoyable experience while incorporating all of these goodies in my everyday life. What had me most excited was the chance to share my thoughts about this collection on my blog. I even included my boyfriend who loved tasting the cookies and candies with me.
This box came with 9 products to review including foods, drinks, cosmetics and supplements. It definitely felt heavy when it arrived and after opening it I saw that the sample sizes were really substantial. These were all new brands and items that I had never known or seen before so each one was a mystery to me. This made it feel like an adventure trying each one!

Fix Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce

This is the first time
I have ever tried Sriracha Hot sauce and I would have to say it’s not as spicy as I would have imagined. Not that it’s a bad thing, since I was expecting to have my tongue burned off because I'm a baby when it comes to spicy foods. I immediately thought of spicy ketchup when I first tasted it, then I had my boyfriend weigh in. He thought that it tasted a little bit like ketchup as well, but it really lacked the spicy he anticipated. However, despite the average spiciness it ended up being a delicious combo with our veggie nuggets. This Fix Sriracha sauce has opened new doors for us, and we’re looking forward to trying it with more of our favorite foods.

Desserts on Us - Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

I normally hate toffee so I had really had low expectations for this cookie. However, I was blown away when I tasted it because not like anything I have tried before. I am used to toffee being like a burnt brick, whereas these are soft with a subtle crunch. My boyfriend and I shared them over a cup of coffee, and they were so flaky and delicious that two were not enough! I also enjoy the easy to read, natural ingredients list. I am excited for the other flavors and I would love to try them all especially the Espresso and Dark Chocolate Almond. I would recommend these to anybody who is a fan of chocolatey, crispy goodness. 

Pure Cosmetics - Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss/ Pure Lano Hydrating Lip Gloss

I am very excited to have received a full sample of Pure Lano Natural Hydrating Lip Gloss. The gloss color I received is Pure Pink, as labeled on the bottom, however when looking for it on the listed website ( I couldn’t find that shade. At that point I realized that Pure Cosmetics and Pure Lano are two sub-brands of the Lano Company, so to find the correct shade and product, go to

I am a bit confused what the difference is between the companies is, however it’s clear that neither tests on animals, which is critical from my point of view. Furthermore, I am more drawn to the earth tone colors in the Pure Lano line of lip glosses anyway. The color payoff is extraordinary for a lip gloss, with it being just the right amount of pink, and it has a beautiful sheen and shimmer. The formula is smooth, hydrating and creates a seal of protection from it’s pure medical grade Lanolin, a natural ingredient derived from sheep’s wool, to help repair cracked and dried skin. I really do love that it comes with a mirror, but I personally think the design of the bottle is a bit chunky and out dated. Also, the light component seems like it adds a lot of potential environmentally unfriendly waste. Overall, this is one of the best lip glosses I have tried in a long time. I love that it is made with natural ingredients and my lips feel amazing both during and after wearing it.

Mirabella - Black Magic Marker Eyeliner

I never go a single day without my black outliner, and since it’s such a staple in my makeup routine, I was ecstatic to try out Mirabella Black Magic Marker Eyeliner. Upon opening the packaging, it looked like a lux brand with the dark chrome tube. The eyeliner has a good weight that makes it exceptionally easy to hold and maneuver around the curves of your eyelid. The length and feel of the eyeliner point is firm but long enough to glide and draw out the perfect cat eye. I am used to a more flexible fine tip eyeliner so it was a bit of a learning curve to work with the broader strokes of this marker-like eyeliner. That’s not to say it can’t be done, and I eventually accomplished the same results, which with time will become easier just like anything else.
The pigmentation is a highly saturated black and only need a few extra swipes to go over some spots after drawing my main line. I love that it dries fairly quickly and doesn’t budge at all. It is not waterproof, but I have used it throughout long, grueling days at work where I sweat, touch my face, and deal with all elements outdoors and it lasted through it all. Another great feature is that it removes effortlessly with either makeup wipes or face cleanser. I do wish that there was a full list of ingredients available, which I could not even find online. Overall, I think it’s a truly lux eyeliner with the benefits that it contains no parabens, offers long wear, and has bold black color.

Vive - Hangover Prevention

I was thrilled to receive samples of Vive Hangover Prevention packets, which can be used before or during your drinking escapade. The science behind this hangover remedy is that electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can all work together to combat hangover symptoms like dehydration, vitamin deficiencies and toxin build-up. Upon mixing the powder packet with water, I noticed that it smells strongly of the cereal Crunch Berries and has the same aftertaste. However, when drinking it tastes like a muted strawberry lemonade as the flavor is stated. While I finished this drink, I also had four-five cocktails along with it. Normally this many drinks takes a toll on me the next morning, I woke up feeling quite good. No hangover, no headache and no dehydration! This was a pleasant surprise because I didn’t think it would work. Unquestionably I will be stocking up on more of these for the upcoming season of holiday parties like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Black Forest Organic - Sour Heads

I used to be a huge fan of sour candies when I was younger, however as I have gotten older I have lost my taste for them. Even so, these Black Forest Organic Sour Heads bring back memories of all the candies I used to love. These are even better in my opinion, because I really appreciate anything that’s made from natural ingredients. It really has impact on the flavor too, because they taste just like real fruit. The sourness isn’t overpowering, but that is part of what makes them so tasty to me. My boyfriend and I tried identifying the flavors by the colors, but the lemon, lime and orange are indistinguishable from each other. This kind of ads to the fun though, because each one is like a mystery. 

Liquid Ice - Energy Drinks

I used to consume a lot of energy drinks, but I quit in the last few years so it was almost like trying one for the first time. The first thing that caught my attention was the design of the can, which is very out dated. It doesn’t have much shelf appeal so I wouldn’t personally pick this one out of all the options available at a convenience store.

I decided to try it out while on a long shopping trip, and I feel like it provided me a tasty, but very fleeting, boost of energy to make it through. I thought the taste of the Blue variety was a lot like orange juice, just with carbonation and a lot of extra sugar added. While it did taste good, there is too much information available pointing to the health risks surrounding these types of drinks for me to continue consume a product like this.

Prince of Peace - Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals

I’m a frequent tea drinker, so I was excited at the opportunity to try Prince of Peace Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals. Normally I use tea bags or I have to use my infuser, so I found it super convenient to make tea with these little pebbles. I found it really nice that I can choose how much to add for just the right flavor, then quickly stir and drink. The flavor reminds me of my favorite ginger cough drops, so I can imagine this as the perfect hot tea to help me feel better when I have a cold. The zing from the ginger gives the tea a spicy kick that really could clear out the sinuses. This tea will definitely be my top pick for this upcoming winter season.

I constantly struggle with getting a good night’s rest, I have tried all other types of sleep aids before so I was skeptical about trying Napz. The pills are all natural and made from plants which made me feel more relaxed about taking it. I decided to take these one night 20 minutes prior to going to sleep just as instructed on the bottle. Lo and behold I started to drift off within those twenty minutes. To truly test it I kept my routine the same and played on my phone which I know can delay sleep, but it worked anyway. This is non-habit forming nor have I experienced drowsiness after waking up. The pills are rather large so I would recommend taking them one at a time. These are a great alternative to all artificial sleep aids that are on the market. 

As always you can find individual links to the products by clicking the titles! 

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Daily Goodie Box November 2017

I owe a big thank you to Daily Goodie Box for giving me an opportunity to indulge in some great new products!

This post was sponsored by Daily Goodie Box. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

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